7 February 2008


2008 has been 90% swell so far. new year was brilliant, my best ever with a few of my very favourite people. a lack of alcohol intake due to working the next day, but for extra pay i can't complain too much.
uni has had its highs & lows already; there have been a couple of troublesome weeks where motivation levels were non-existent. but as of this week things are a the best they've been this semester, so i hope it only at least continues.

in other adventures, within the first week i managed to leave the country, just like last year, although not quite as far. gay paree was joyeous, & it was just lovely to be somewhere else, as well as somewhere so pretty. i'm planning on return later in the year, fingers crossed.

i have got resolutions for this year. i just haven't written them down yet. so now i'll try, despite the late hour & need for sleep:

- visit at least three different countries
- display my work in some form at least three times
- stretch my first lobe piercing
- begin learning french, finally
- learn to knit, properly
- use my time more constructively than i currently do
- decide what to do in the second half of 2008!
- make the most of the next four months, because after that so many people won't be in my life as often as they are now.

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