5 April 2008


to the right you'll find one of many photos from last saturday, the day that myself & others (ali, rachel & craig to name a few) were hired to be the paparazzi. it was a fun & unusual night, filled with flashes, elvis, the most awesome buffet ever, & a certain yoga instructor. ali had the most impressive get-up i feel, so i snapped a shot of it.

after my post last saturday, it's a little sad to have to say i'm in uni today! my saturdays henceforth shall more likely be spent in the illustration sauna, aka our studio. hopefully today i'll get a few things crossed off of my to-do list. the postman woke me up this morning with the delivery of my several packets of milliput, so there's no excuse for not working. instead, tomorrow will be my day of rest (as sundays should be) as uni isn't open & my flat needs a clean.

i've got an insanely busy week ahead of me, but after my shift at work tonight & tomorrow night, i'm free from cleaning up popcorn for a glorious eleven days. so maybe a day trip out of dundee can be arranged as a reward. i just want a day of sunshine, ice lollies, & sand & sea already!

biffy clyro - the weapons are concealed


Hollie said...

I am pleased with that little bowl, I think its my favourite :) I'm glad other people are liking it too.

Why were you a paparazzo for the evening? How much of a relief is it to have time off work at the moment... I'm so glad of the extra few hours.

jen collins said...

it was for a party, someone hired us. it was well worth it too!

i asked for less hours at work last week, between 8-12. this week i got almost 16! but it was all weekend evening work, which is the best time for me, & i need the pennies, so i can't complain.

CG said...


I knew the food would be good.