27 July 2008

red sunday

since all i've been shooting for colour week are random objects, i thought i'd have a change since i like photos with people in them best. unfortunately, i saved the last two at a los-res by accident. sorry.

do you know what sucks more than that though? going to work at 10 in the morning, after a forty minute walk, only to find out that you're not actually supposed to be there. i was allowed to stay & work thankfully, it's just rubbish that i have to do the same shift tomorrow, rather than have a lovely day off like i was expecting.

yann tiersen - la dispute


Jules... said...

Awww, poor jen. That is rubbish, just need to think of the pennies.

I like your colour week. It makes me happy when I see you've updated them :)

Once again, I'm sucked into these social networking type thingies far too easily than I would have liked.

jenuine said...

i know, i was glad i got to stay, it meant money & that my 40 minute walk wasn't wasted.

thank you! lets hope i still manage monday.

hooray! HOORAY I SAY!