6 July 2008


so after trying tofu for the first time at wagamama, i bought some to have a shot myself. last night was tofu & mushrooms in sweet & sour with noodles. it was quite different to wagamamas version, but still good. tonight i made the same again, plus green beans, baby corn, pineapple & bean-sprouts for my mum & dad. thumbs up all round. the oddest thing about it is that you have to change the water that you store it in (in the fridge) every day. like a pet.


Sanna Dyker said...

Hahaha, that make me chuckle out loud. Not your talent at making tofu dishes, just the changing water part. xxx

jenuine said...

i think it amused alan when i texted him about it too, haha.
although to be honest, i wouldn't be surprised at someone laughing at my cooking. at least it's not just pasta & pesto anymore!

Sanna Dyker said...

i think it looks well braw :) xxx

jenuine said...

ta my lovely. (:


Rob said...

What happens if you don't change the water? A similar outcome to feeding mogwai after midnight? Yelp!
You know Wagamama has a particularly good cook book for sale?
Thanks very much for liking my film. I lose more patience with every year. I shall have to get prolific soon before its too late and I put a brick through mu computer screen:)

jenuine said...

i've no idea, i didn't want to find out either cause it cost me £1.49.
i do! but i'm really not much of a cook, as much as i'd like to be. plus i never have all the ingredients.