26 August 2008


while there wasn't a huge abundance of completed work piled on my desk yesterday, i did finish four tiny tasks that had been waiting patiently for a few weeks, that make me feel a little more accomplished & a slightly better friend. the bedroom was tidied & i have two bin bags to dispose of, although you can't really tell from looking around my room, it looks the same as always. i also made a tiny start on something else that may not be of interest to anyone who wasn't in my graduating class, which i've been meaning to do for ages. hooray for getting a bit more organised.

i've not completed anything new project-wise lately, but an old photo of mine is in the autumn issue of yuck 'n yum zine. there's a launch party on friday if you fancy it, but it's free to download after the weekend.

saturday looks good to me - make a plan


Sanna Dyker said...

Oo i didn't know you were in this issue of Yuck 'n Yum! It's going to be a swell night i think.

Really like the colours in your drawings, very niiiice. Really i could easily just turn round and say this to you, but that just wouldn't be as geektastic as this now would it. xxx

jenuine said...

yeah, i never really said about it, i didn't know if anyone knew what it was, & i didn't know how to drop it into conversation... that sounds a tad stupid.

thanks dear. (: i'm quite sad now that i wasn't quite as geektastic as you. ):

John Alan Birch said...

i like your drawing. and i like your short blog :), i worry that i write to much and maybe go over the top in mines. hope you are getting stuff done that you were wanting to!


jenuine said...

yours makes me feel like i don't elaborate enough! they may compliment each other in this way. (: