28 October 2008

mary had a cup of tea

small drawing. i had twenty minutes before i had to leave for work on sunday, but i felt an incredible urge to draw something before i went. this is what came out.

i would just like to take a moment to profess my love for the blogger following tool. i've been using it since my account was able to, & you have no idea how much i prefer it compared to the days when i would click on all my sidebar links to see if there was anything new to read. what a timesaver.

do make say think - bruce e kinesis


Miss Kolleen said...

This is sincerely so cute!!!

hellojenuine said...

thank you. (:

carolyn alexander said...

Ok I now must make some tea..

Lizzy Stewart said...

so cute! i like her feet.

hellojenuine said...

carolyn: yes, do.

lizzy: i wish i had those boots for myself.

John Alan Birch said...

i like the picture. I really like the sleeves for some reason!

I also enjoy the blog following majigger. I've done a bit of drawing/painting today. Felt good to get some things done.


hellojenuine said...

they remind me of the sleeves on my brown cardi.

cool, i hope i see them soon. (: