8 October 2008

tea party

brilliant little illustration by adrian johnson. i love a good drawing, a good colour selection, & a good cup of tea. for the first time in our three years living here, sanna & i have run out of everyday tea! so i'm drinking rooibos (which is good anyway) until we get some more.

found via drawn!.

the mountain goats - new monster avenue


John Alan Birch said...

I used the last teabag. Sorry that i forgot to mention this. Then I had one of them special Harrod's ones, hope this was okay.


hellojenuine said...

haha, that's okay! i knew we were low. i have used all the rest of the harrods ones now, & i've no english breakfast, even though i thought i had some left from uni.

John Alan Birch said...

hehe no i think I drank them too when I thought you ran out of regular tea last time.

it's a nice picture of the teapots x

Steph said...

Hey guess what! Finaly, "I like tea!"

hellojenuine said...

alan: haha, i may remember this now. oh well!

steph: as in to drink, or the picture?!