5 November 2008

little things

it's been quiet on the blog front due to lots of hours at work (thanks james bond), & will continue to be idle for the next few days as i'm going home for a bit, to visit la famille, plus make some trips over to my beloved edinburgh for a couple of events. hopefully will get some work on the go too, i have little things waiting to be unleashed & unravelled, with a couple of new projects to start on. exciting times. 

speaking of exciting times, i watched the US election coverage from midnight until 5:30 in the morning. well done america, you made the right choice.


Jules... said...

I too watched the election the other night, though only lasted till 2:30 (not like me, I know) I kept falling asleep only waking every so often to check Obama was still in the lead.

Let me know when you're going through to Edinburgh. I want to visit my Jo soon and if it coincided with a trip of your own it would be foolish not to find you.

And on a more superficial theme; I do love Daniel Craig.

hellojenuine said...

haha, i can imagine you waking up, noting that all was right with things, then nodding off again.

i'm going to edinburgh on thursday eve (as in today) & saturday. do keep me informed.

have you seen the new film?

Jules... said...

Haha, yep it pretty much did happen like that.

Ah, Edinburgh wont be this week and will probably be through the week rather than weekend, should really confer with Jo first though.

Saw it last night, pre-election. I must say I did rather enjoy it (the election too).
I presume you've seen it? (Bond, that is.)

hellojenuine said...

boo to no jules in edinburgh. soon.

i haven't, no, i've no interest in it. you're the first person i've heard say it was good apart from a twelve year old boy. none of my colleagues liked it, haha.

Jules... said...

As I said though... I do love Daniel Craig.

Haha. I also like films where people get shot. Maybe I'm just biased.

John Alan Birch said...

nice photo :) what is it you're waiting to unleash? sounds quite scary!

hellojenuine said...

it's not scary, haha. & you already know, as per.