23 November 2008

what will we do?

this made me laugh. found via yellow owl workshop, a lovely place.

the rest of my week off work was good. on thursday & friday i invigilated the show i mentioned in my last post at patriothall wasps, which was fun. along with seeing the show & meeting one of the artists, i met studio holders, doodled in my sketchbook, & chatted to lynn who is the ESW receptionist, lovely lady. i also pretty much sat on top of the heater as it was pretty cold. after fridays stretch i trotted down to analogue for a browse. by awesome coincidence, nigel peake's reprinted batch of 'maps' had been delivered that morning so i was able to take mine home (along with some beautiful badges by stuart kolakovic, the day before he unleashed a new set too).

saturday was spent cleaning my old room with my dad. the majority of my adolescence is now squeezed into about seven or so shoeboxes. who'd have thought it possible!

back to work tomorrow, sigh. feel as though i'm getting a cold, been drinking hot orange & honey. perhaps it will snow again tonight, so much that'll they'll close the cinema (unlikely).

the early november - the course of human life


Sanna Dyker said...

Hahaha this is excellent, even if it does seem oh too familiar!
I've just realised why I haven't noticed you posting blogs. I haven't been following you! Tsk tsk!
Coming back tonight, see you laters :) xxx

hellojenuine said...

i like the last line best: "guess i'll do an MA".
oh you silly woman. silly.

Jules... said...

Aww man, it snowed in Dundee?? I am rather jealous. Why did I have to move, WHY?

Apparently it snowed in EK & Glasgow on Friday night. But I do not remember this...

hellojenuine said...

haha, were you drunk then? but yeah, snowed heaps in fife too.

carolyn alexander said...

ah haha that is awesome!

hellojenuine said...

yes, yes it is.