24 May 2009

sunday roast

first off this week, stuart kolakovic. stuart's work is instantly recognisable, from the muted colour pallets he often uses, to the folkish figures & scenes. there always seems to be a huge amount going on within his imagery, without even being close to too much, containing visual clues & symbols to the story behind the piece. &, on top of all that, he does comics. it's all a bit excellent.
someone else who uses narrative in his work quite frequently is jon mcnaught. a lot of his work takes place in panel form, sometimes with more than one, creating what seems to be a still from a story, or giving life to a small insignificant happening. he's recently updated his website with some work, including the above screen-print.

i first heard of boygirlparty, aka susie ghahremani, a few years ago when my friend introduced me to her band snoozer. susie's work is super cute, & in a distinctive way. i love the animals & patterns that feature in her work. she seems to be an illustration machine!

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