31 May 2009

sunday roast

first up this week; gemma correll. gemma has a fun style that has a wide appeal. i love her use of pattern & colour in her images, & the way she documents people & their characters. & the cats. i like the cats.
i think i most probably stumbled across sarah mcneil on etsy at some point, as well as seeing some of her work in the red door gallery. sarah's illustrations are very gentle & dreamlike, thanks to the way she uses materials & the symbols & creatures that appear in them. all of her work is beautiful & it was hard to choose just one to feature here, but i went for the above piece as i find the white being in the girls arms rather creepy but endearing.

someone else instantly recognisable: tom gauld. there are many, many robot-monster-giant infested works i could've chosen from tom's work, but i went for an old favourite. as well as brilliant pen-work, tom's work is frequently humourous, & often makes me laugh. his joint-show with simone lia - together forming cabanon press - was the incentive for my first visit to analogue books. seeing his precise illustrations in the flesh was brilliant. & it's nice seeing them in the guardian every week too.

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