27 June 2009


you probably guessed already, but i love illustration. so whenever i hear of any illustrative escapades happening around where i live, it's pretty exciting. some illustration students at the art college i went to are putting together some zines, & a batch of the second issue was hand-delivered to my workplace today (i was left a copy of the first on my desk a few weeks back, as someone knew i'd like it). titled 88mph, it's a collection of their work, & they're nicely designed & made. i hope to see more in future.


de Velde said...

hi, you've got a really nice blog, lots interesting little bits and bobs.
Thanks for mentioning the zine as well it's nice to know people are looking at our work :)

hellojenuine said...

cheers! i think your zine is a great idea, & more illustration goodness is needed around here. my flat-mate already took part, so perhaps i will too in future.

de Velde said...

just wanted to say thank you again. I had a proper read of your blog today & I managed to fill what was turning into a boring hour or so at work into an illustration link fest so thanks!

P.S You should defintley take part in the zine.

hellojenuine said...

awesome, that's what it's here for!

i will, i will, i'll have to investigate.