20 August 2009

business time

business cards

i swear, i really have not had a moment to sit down & blog recently (well, apart from sunday). when i don't have plans, i generally try & do something on my giant to-do list. however, tonight's plans were cancelled, so i'm trying to catch up with the internet. above you can see some new business cards i received in the post today. i'm very happy with them, i used the drawing i did for reuben miller's blog banner, & got them printed on moo.com's recycled paper. i've never had business cards from moo before (just almost everything else), & i think they're ace.


OPPY said...

very sweet business cards, i like that they're a set.

hellojenuine said...

thank you dear. perhaps people will feel the need to collect the entire set, ha.

Sanna Dyker said...

these are lovely!
i'm in need of new business cards to go with badges, moo.com certainly seems like the best option.

hellojenuine said...

yes, my old ones are a bit outdated, so it's nice to have some new ones. :)