9 August 2009

sunday roast

after only a short stint of a few months, this is to be my last sunday roast! there are new ventures on the horizon, & i'm going to put more energy into posting the work of other artists on other blogs. enjoy these last three!

i was introduced to the whimsical world of apak after buying a zine by them a little while ago. lots of pastel shades, candy-coloured landscapes & tiny adventures.

i remember finding acorn's work on an online community a couple of years ago, then only a week later finding his work on sale in edinburgh. it seems he's always on the move, & his amazing drawings reflect his lifestyle.

i couldn't resist finishing up with this pair, especially because the little one on the left belongs to me! these are a couple of ashley anna brown's fern animals, some unbeliveably beautiful creations. as well as her crafted animals, she has some really lovely drawings & paintings.


Miss Kolleen said...

ooh i love these!

jen-- i was wondering if youd be interested in making me a banner for my blog? if youre too busy i understand.

can you email me your address? i have something for you!

hellojenuine said...

they're all lovely, i love them too.

send me over an e-mail at jen-uine[@]hotmail.com! i'm pretty busy at the moment, but let's chat!