8 October 2009



i certainly needed a big clear out of my desk space. i'm looking forward to getting some drawing done now.


art4friends said...

it is not rude to say I am jealous of this is it?

oh how I long for a work space.
I mean I could probably have one.
but I would never keep it neat.
so I never allow.

:) xx

hellojenuine said...

not rude! it's nice to daydream. mine was pretty messy before, but a new space & big clean out mean it's looking a lot better. & there's more space for working!

Louise said...

good idea! Mine is the most ridiculous mess, I am most envious of your serene space!

hellojenuine said...

it's been a while since any space of mine was described as 'serene'! just needed a good clean out. :)

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh...I could NEVER keep mine as clean as this...I'm embarassed to allow any human to see my space...other than those who see it on a regular basis....my kitchen table has become my studio table...
I love your Itunes project!

hellojenuine said...

it's slowly picked up a couple of piles of paper since, but i'm going to try to keep it cleaner than my last space, especially since i now have more storage space which is why tidiness was such a problem last time!