30 November 2009

letterbox goodness

i think most people will agree when i say getting post is one of life's simple pleasures. getting a letter from someone through the door, finally receiving the package you've been expecting, or the surprise of one you didn't know about. i've been lucky enough to have something from all three categories this week. above are three zines that have been added to my collection: good to know issue #6 from amy (which came along with some other great little treats), if drawings were photographs, by rob & tom & published by it's nice that, plus nature zine by various people & published by hand of man.

a package that i picked up today was a result of an international art exchange currently making the rounds. started by the lovely flora douville, it's basically a really excellent chain letter where, if all goes as planned, you receive thirty six little works of art from all over. above are a zine & print by erin mcphee, which she sent along with two other prints, so it was a great package to receive! her drawings are really quite lovely, & the zine concept was hilarious: once people find out that erin is an illustrator, they assume her boyfriend is one too. as a result, the zine is a collaboration of her drawings as an illustration student, & his as a history student.

this final package is kind of a mystery! which is pretty cool. all i know is that my letter is from canada, that the person may have taken three of these photos & found the rest, & that they associate where i live with a certain film starring paul hogan. i think it's an international art exchange offering, but i've yet to find out for sure.

along with all this great stuff, i've taken part in susie ghahremani's (of boygirlparty fame) pen pal party. mail is the best. i hope you're all getting equally awesome things arriving on your doormat.


.naa. said...

I also love sending and receiving mail... I am always so happy when I see something in my mailbox.
I was part of the same art exchange but oddly I still haven't received anything. hm... Maybe not everyone are so thrilled about mail after all. :) / :(

chamelia said...

Absolutely the best mid morning surprise. The knock at the door or the sound of papers rustling and the postie riding away. Sending away some Christmas zines today for some friends. Hope I can make their day too!

hellojenuine said...

ana: you're not the only one who hasn't heard back, i know of someone else who had no luck! which is a shame really. never mind, i'll cross my fingers for you still getting something!

chanell: that's why sending is as good as receiving! knowing that someone's day might be made as a result. :)

Littleclouds said...

ooh I like the sound of this art exchange, is there a website I could be referred to?

I love post! Emails and all the technomological stuff is great but there is something romantic about snailmail.

hellojenuine said...

there isn't a link i know of so far, but if one comes up, i'll try & post it here.

i do still love e-mail, as i'm more likely to be e-mailed about opportunities & things to take art in (like the art exchange!), but an actual piece of paper that's made it from a to b is ace.

Ross said...

a copy of if drawings were photographs is now on it's way to me yipee!