15 January 2010

inside out

a selection of envelopes found at the local recycling centre with drawn patterns. called 'inside out', they see the insides of envelopes left blank & the outsides with pattern drawn with various materials.

for cut-click's mail-art exhibition, currently on display at the east coast school of art & design in north east lincolnshire. a larger version of the image can be viewed on flickr.

ps. keep your eyes peeled, i'm having another giveaway soon!


Jill Lesley Collins said...

love this!! envelopes are lovely. i've spent this evening looking at 'par avion' envelopes on the internet, i'm making a poster encouraging people to write more letters! x

hellojenuine said...

i used to love airmail envelopes when i was younger. i always wanted to use them due to them being more exciting than standard white ones.
your poster sounds great, people should definitely wrote more letters.

the messy nest said...

I just love the colors!