20 January 2010


using the blog to do a little promotion for other nice people around the internets tonight. above is an image by erin gilkes aka atlantic treefox, maker of beautiful things. until february 5, poppytalk are letting crafters & admirers vote in the poppies, an award event recognising craft online, & you should definitely have a look at who to vote for. i'm sending you on over to the crafters nominees list via this link, where (if you like) you could vote for miss gilkes lovey creations on that list.

internet art fans may already be familiar with meighan o'toole's blog my love for you is a stampede of horses. meighan has taken another blog on board in the form of wild horses, which focuses on her excellent taste in adornment. i'm looking forward to the visual treats she has to share.

finally, i wish i could visit bristol at some point over the next few weeks. lizzy stewart & christopher bettig, two artists who's work i love, have a joint exhibition at here gallery until the end of february. how i'd love to see their beautiful creations in the flesh! guess i'll have to cross my fingers that the work will make it's way to flickr at some point.

ps. back to my own blog, don't forget that you can still enter my giveaway. there's three more days to enter, don't miss your chance!


Anonymous said...

you are too kind!

emma brown trithart said...

Oh I wish I could go to Bristol for that. I've been admiring Lizzy Stewart from afar for so long, it would be nice to see her work up close.