28 January 2010

travel tips

i can't believe how busy 2010 has been so far, & it's showing no sign of slowing down. one of the things i'm looking forward to (like you wouldn't believe) is a trip with my sister to toronto then nyc at the end of march/start of april. there's a mental list of things to do already (since my sister hasn't been to new york before), but i hate to think i'm missing out on the unique little spots thanks to just not knowing about them in advance. this is where i'm asking for your help: i want to know your preferred eateries, thrift stores, hangouts, recommendations, hidden gems & favourite things to do, for either city. any tips are welcome.

as a sort of continued entry from yesterday, my poster submission for central station's pop-up tour can now be seen around town. for a sneak online peek, you can see all the posters on superfly's (the poster project's organiser) website, plus there's a further preview over on formfiftyfive (which was a nice surprise).

& while i'm on the subject of nice surprises, seabear, the band, found my seabear illustration, & liked it enough to post on their blog. awesome.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

OK..so Toronto...hit Queen Street West for great shopping...you HAVE to go up the CN Tower for a great view.
If there's still snow and it's cold go Ice-Skating at Nathan Phillips Square and after shop at the Eaton Centre.
The AGO(ART GALLERY of TORONTO) has recently had a renovation...check out exhibits around the time you come over.
EATS...EVEREST on Queen West is resonable and tasty...you're right near the entertainment district and can go hang at a few busy bars...have kids now but there are some awesome hot spots there.
A GREAT website is NOW.ca FULL of excellent advice. College St area is full of bars and young University students...If there's anything going on at the Distillery district...go!
Hmmm...what kind of music are you into...Live Jazz at the Reservoir Lounge is always awesome and you can eat there too.
You'll have fun!

Grampian Mountains said...

Remind me nearer the time and I'll run off a list for NYC.

Christiane said...

Thanks for your comment, really like your Ammo mag. illo, too!
Happy vacation planning!

connie j said...

Check out Design Sponge's city guides for design hotspots: http://www.designspongeonline.com/category/city

hellojenuine said...

thanks for the tips guys! i did check out design sponge's guide but i want mooore!

●• Thereza said...

loving your blog! will link to my list :)

Bess Callard said...

tips for toronto, i'm full of them!! i agree with **we blog artists** queen street is a great place for shopping. I'm going to recommend Pho Hung at Spadina and St. Andrew for lunch and of course a stroll through Kensington market for coffee, groceries and general good vibes ;)
The Distillery District is fun for an evening jazz show and gelato in Little Italy is a must. Oh... you're making me homesick ;)
happy travels!

hellojenuine said...

thanks for the tips! i'm really going to have to write all these down.