22 February 2010

climbing out of a canyon


canyonzine02 canyonzine03


remember those mini-zine i mentioned last week? they're now complete! entitled climbing out of a canyon, it's a collection of images & visual metaphors to do with getting out of a rut, something i'm sure you've all experienced at some point. it's sixteen pages long with a murano paper cover, & each little zine contains a unique piece of advice or good idea for it's owner to act upon if they so wish.

the next ten orders in my etsy shop will receive a free copy of climbing out of a canyon with their purchase. if you miss out, don't worry, as there will be one or two other opportunities to get one in future, & i'll give you a heads up. for now though, head on over to etsy!


ktinka said...

those look lovely!

Ladymoonchops said...

Ive seen these in the papery flesh, and..... they are GREAT!

julie said...

i love that concept. and the name, sigh. yes, we've all been there. i think the winter is especially hard to feel that excited buzz to get creative. if you sell these alone, let us know! i have like 3 prints of yours i want to order but i'm in a financial slump for a bit.

.grau said...

looks absolutely great!

celine said...

these look lovely! i really enjoy your work and just wanted to say i've added you to my links on my very new blog!

bloesem said...

very nice, i love your work!

David Galletly said...

these look great. really like the name.

richelle said...

high five little lady. i like this. i shall mosey on over to your shop and purchase your treehouse print i've been longing for. thanks for being so generous with your mini-zines!

●• Thereza said...

aww it looks so cool and i love the unique piece of advice included, such a nice touch :)

ps: will be sending your bookmark soon. just been a crap week so far, falling behind on a ton of things.grrr