17 February 2010

seven things

found towers

- finding excellent second-hand bargains
- when the sun shines through my curtains in the morning
- good customer service
- waking up ages before my alarm & going back to sleep
- listening to this american life on long train journeys
- receiving post
- when a drawing turns out exactly as planned, or better

above is listed seven things i love & that make me happy. i was tagged by lucy davidson of peas & needles. in turn i have to tag seven others, so i choose pam of zoetropa, loren brand, thereza of tiny red design, sanna dyker, elise of argyle whale, sarah abbot and lauren gentry.

the above drawing was yesterday's creation. feels good to be making things.


Lauren said...

I love receiving post too, especially unexpected parcels that have to pick up from the post office!

I listed my 7 & passed on the baton:


Tali said...

ooh, i love this american life. been listening to it every day at work.

so many great stories!

chamelia said...

Look who's drawing! x

●• Thereza said...

thanks Jen, will do mine later today :)

your list is great! all agreed, all those things make me happy too.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Such a great idea! Love your list!