25 April 2010

handmade nation

there's a few things i'm really looking forward to in the next couple of months, & one of them is most certainly this: handmade nation, a documentary about creativity, diy & the craft community, is screening at dundee contemporary arts, & as if that wasn't good enough, director faythe levine is going to be doing a q&a after the film. awesome.

taking place on wednesday 9 june at 8pm, tickets are on sale & cost £5, which you can currently get by phoning dca (01382 909 900) or by going in & booking at box office, & they'll be available to book online soon. you can read a little more about the film & watch the opening credits (which are ace) over on dca's website. i'm hoping that the screening will be a good way to get artists, designers & crafters from the local area & beyond together (dca is right next to the train station so you can't even get lost!), a lot of events that i would love to go to often take place in cities that are too far or expensive for me to get to, so it's really ace that this one's happening so close to home. if you're thinking of coming, let me know - there's also a bar in the building & outdoor patio, good excuse for a bunch of creative people to sit in the sun with a beer & talk shop!

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