24 May 2010

ten fingers issue #1

ten fingers zine

ten fingers zine

ten fingers zine

ten fingers zine

you might know it, but i like zines. i'm sure you like zines too. hell, i'm pretty sure most people like zines, some just don't know it yet. so when helen of memo asked me a little while back if i'd be interested in taking part in a new zine venture she was embarking on, of course i said yes.

after a lot of amazing organising & screen-printing on helen's part, & with a little help from a bunch of ace artists (& me), ten fingers issue #1 was born. hand-bound & screen-printed in three colours with contributions from eight people, each page can be used as a print or postcard, or you can do what i'm doing & keep it all in one piece. there's only 100 copies in total, & i have four of them up for sale.

before i list them over on etsy, i'm giving readers a chance to snap one up. if you'd like to purchase one, shoot an e-mail over to mail-at-hellojenuine-dot-com, & we can sort out paypal payment (£6.95 + £1.55 (worldwide) or £1.05 (uk) p&p) from there. if you're too late to claim, then don't worry - i'll let you know how you can get yours hands on a copy. as an added little incentive, i'm going to throw in a little something extra that i'll be adding to my etsy shop in the next couple of weeks. hooray for free things!

UPDATE: my four copies have been claimed! will keep you updated as to where else you can get them.


creativity said...

that's Great! :)))

Sara said...

I just read "Stolen Sharpie Revolution" last night and it made me all excited about zines. This looks GREAT! What an awesome thing to be apart of.