25 September 2010

good & bad

pretty little dish


veggie burgers

things that are rubbish: having the cold.

things that are ace: all those things above. & the fact that my cold is on its way out.

giveaway ends tomorrow!


Michelle said...

Get well soon! Your last photo has made me insanely hungry (:

Martushka said...

I can agree on having cold to be a pain and I love plate is it hand painted ? Hope you will get better soon

Mallory said...

Yuck. I usually get about 10 colds over the course of fall / winter. I don't look forward to them. I hope you feel better before the weekend's done!

amy said...

oh i like that plate!

helicopter6 said...

Ooo, I recently bought the cup and saucer, which are gorgeous, but now you've made me WANT THE PLATE TOO!!