28 September 2010

trying to buy less


no sale

marmalade came home

lately i've made a pact with myself to try buy less new things (the ipod touch was a big slip). the idea is to spend less, to think before i buy & to not bring as many brand new products into my home. i'm allowing myself to buy recycled, handmade & second hand so if there's something i'm thinking of buying, i'm making myself hunt it down via etsy, ebay & charity shops. on the one hand, this has been great. for example, i was looking for a mustard yellow cardigan, & ended up getting one on ebay (after a week or so of searching) for a lot cheaper than i would have if it were brand new, & it was exactly what i was looking for. however, the terrible loophole is that i'm basically using 'oh-it's-recycled/handmade/second-hand' as an excuse to buy things. i can't win!


Same Length Pinkies said...

I also only buy used things, well apart from cosmetics, food etc. Obviously. I find it very rewarding and much more fun!

Jennifer said...

i try to buy only used, but i have been lusting after vivienne westwood rocking horse shoes for a while - but i missed the 50% sale :'(

Chris said...

I love the photos you've been posting with these recent posts, is that old cash register your own? I saw a great one being used, not quite that old though, in a pub in Mile End the other week.

peas and needles said...

beautiful belts!

●• Thereza said...

same here Jen... any excuse!
these are all beautiful

Hanna from the corner table said...

That's a great principle. I think more people should think that way. Old/recycled things are often a lot more interesting too than brand new!

Loving your blog! :)