18 October 2010



back from gothenburg! it was ace, perfect for a few days away. the weather was chilly but sunny, we ate good food (favourite was a vegetarian restaurant called solrosen in haga), had lots of café stops, beautiful autumn trees everywhere, lovely city buildings & countryside houses, & everyone was so helpful. our hotel (hotel cosmorama) was central but pretty inexpensive & really nice, i'd definitely recommend it.

wonder where we'll go next?


lauren carney said...

oh everything about your blog is lovely!
the pictures make me smile!

happy blogging you!

Lor said...

glad you enjoyed your holibags, alan's photos are ace! x

katie said...

You should go to TOKYO! its unreal!
and nice blog!


{ I V Y } said...


Reportero de Lluvia said...

Great blog!!


R. Mundie said...

Jen! I have the exact same horse! I love your illustrations. i'm still in post-graduation struggle. But finally enjoying drawing and doodling again!

hellojenuine said...

glad to hear it! draw your way out of any post-grad blues, it gets easier, i promise!

Mara Zeitspieler said...

A wonderful photograph of a typical dalahorse. Great!
Mara Zeitspieler

Anastasia said...

Such a nice picture! I have a wooden horse just like this one standing on my shelf that I brought from Stockholm, it always makes me smile.