29 November 2010

christmas postage dates

warm winter thoughts

i kind of can't believe it's december on wednesday. the weather in scotland is crazy at the moment, i've never seen this much snow in my life. hopefully it won't get in the way of all the things that need doing (although i didn't go to the print studio today - the thought of trekking all the way there, printing for a few hours, then trekking back was too much). above you'll find the card i've done for this year. i can tell you that at no other point in 2010 have i been so thankful for a good pair of thick socks as this week!

thought i'd just post the christmas posting dates for my shop. i'm sure a lot of you are down with the idea of handmade festive gifts already, so i won't try to coerce you further into picking up some prints & things for gifts. just let me mention that all orders come lovingly wrapped in tissue paper - all year round, not just at this time of year! - & all orders are very much appreciated, more than i can say. thanks guys!

last dates for ordering:

uk: sunday 19 december
western europe: sunday 12 december
eastern europe, usa & canada: wednesday 8 december
south/central america, caribbean, africa, middle east, asia, far east (inc. japan), australia & new zealand: sunday 5 december


zoetropa said...

love the new card Jen! it made me giggle. ;-)

peas and needles said...

love the card!

hellojenuine said...

glad to hear you guys like it!