25 November 2010

cool things girls make

joie de vivre

some busy weeks lately - a few days off so my boyfriend & i could have some mini-adventures to celebrate five years together, plus squeezing in doing lots of little bits of work around normal day-to-day things. for now, i thought i'd show you some ace things i've been liking, made by some talented ladies. above, a new addition to our little flat. at first, my boyfriend thought i was putting up festive decorations early, but this particular item will be staying up year round - joie de vivre from banter banner, run by angela deane.

found kaye blegvad's website a few weeks ago, instantly hooked. quite a macabre (sometimes tongue in cheek) series of works, a nice change. i snapped up a copy of her 'onwards' book/zine, about an army of girls who go to war. heck yes.

you may already be aware of verity keniger's work, but you might not yet have seen her new (& utterly incredible) thirty-four layer screen-print, congeries. i shall never weep with frustration at making a three colour print again (though screen-printing hasn't brought me to tears for a few years, fortunately).

i'm largely a pens/pencils/print kind of girl, but i love danna ray's paintings. one of my particular favourites is the above piece, campfire. if i were to find a print of this under the tree this year, i'd be one happy bunny.

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