8 February 2011

uppercase eight

uppercase issue #8

uppercase submission

happy to have another submission accepted for uppercase magazine, this time the open call for modern matchbox labels in issue eight.

mine wasn't so much modern, more a take on old czech & russian matchbox labels that showed pictures of the country's wildlife. the three labels i submitted portrayed three animals found in scotland - a deer, fox & red squirrel - plus their names in gaelic (what i hope it scottish & not irish!). hand printed in three colours, i allowed for mistakes & misalignment, echoing old labels that would be quickly produced, leaving no room for perfection (not that this distracts from how lovely they are - see an amazing collection of vintage matchboxes here). my three labels are also available as a print in my shop, & i'm already halfway sold out of the edition.


ian john turner said...

deer: my favourite animal, foxes: one of my favourite animals, squirrels: aw, c'mon!

this is great though jen, and uppercase is fantastic too. this is all-round wonderful.

The Time Is Now said...

Congratulations! These are amazing. My favorite technique featuring my favorite animals:)

gracia said...

I like the work you created for Uppercase... Russian stamps and the like are inspiring (I have such a weakness for them). Congratulations on the feature. Most well deserved.

Ireland said...

As what I know bout deer is that they can be found everywhere. They are the only animals that have antlers. They are the fastest growing living tissue on earth. Antlers are usually only found on males.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!
If you have time come and visit my blog and my illustrations :-)

Adie Andrews said...

Uppercase is such a success for me I think you did a great job.

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