14 March 2011

misprints packs


whilst tidying up my desk yesterday (pictures of my clean tidy space soon), i found a pile of misprints from printing sessions - prints that, for one reason or another (the reason often being me being a perfectionist), i hadn't considered good enough to make the cut when finalising the edition for sale. so i decided to make up five misprints packs for selling.

the pack inclues three prints & one postcard, with "mistakes" being ink being too thick/not coming through in small parts & misalignment. it's possible that someone who wasn't me might not be able to spot what was wrong with some of them. but anyway, i'm not going to use them for anything so i thought i'd offer them up as a small pack that meant someone could fill up some wallspace quickly & cheaply. the editioned prints & postcard would be £30/$47+ altogether, so i figured £10/$17 was an alright sum!

find out more (including image examples of why they're leftovers) over in my shop.


M.M.E. said...

I've never thought of doing that! I tried turning my misprints into 'redo notebooks' but it took too long to make them and they didn't sell for enough money to cover the time. Your idea is much better! I'm just thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog. I love meeting new illustrators, especially one as talented as you.

hellojenuine said...

thanks for your comment! this is the first time i've had something like this for sale. i printed most of these of these some months ago, so they've been waiting for their chance to shine for a while! i don't think i'd have liked to sell them individually, but as a set i think the idea works well.

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