20 February 2008


we get some visiting artists & illustrators at uni to talk to our class & others. while they're interesting, one thing they all seem to have in common bothers me; they're all very lucky. at a sculptors talk today, i lost count of the number of times he used the phrase "& i was lucky enough..", followed by "to get a commission/to work for/to be asked to/to get this scholarship". brilliant for him of course, but he's not the first to describe his artistic journey as a lucky one.

one bright spot is that alot of illustrators seem to get by on drawing things that they like for the pure love of it. for example, jon burgerman told us "i just like doodling & lunch". nigel peake informed us that he draws three things: "sheds. maps. & things". hopefully i'll get by on patterns, scribbles, & tea.

cat power - fool


Fe Louise Coull said...

Love it!!! I think your photography is wonderful my dear :)

You should make sure to include lots of it at thon degree show!

a little place for little ramblings that need a little place to live. said...

thank you fa! i enjoyed this project, i'm not get my hopes up but am excited to see the results of the competition, for my brief as well as everyone else's.

i hope i can somehow, how sad that i didn't decide on a project that allowed for much photography. :/

Hollie said...

Hey there Jen :)

Thanks so much for the nice comments. Love your photos, I hope your competition goes well, be sure to let me know!

I'll add a link to your page on mine, I think it would be nice if we all got linked up to each other eventually :)

See you soon x

a little place for little ramblings that need a little place to live. said...

thank you hollie! i'm crossing my fingers, it's a tough competition but i look forward to the results!

shal add one back, leading to holliefyffe.com!