23 March 2008

notes of interest

  • i am twenty-two!
  • it seems my goal of displaying work in three different places will happen quicker than i imagined! one, in my degree show. two, concept work i did for an animation team last year is to be shown in aberdeen. & three, down at the new blood convention/show down in london in june.
  • which leads me to, i'm going to london in june! i'm rather excited & nervous.
  • it's four/five weeks until my hand-in. i'm just nervous. so much to do in so very, very little time.
  • i have knitted two scarves since my resolution, & have started another today.
  • i'm starting to stretch my first lobe piercing on my left ear! slow & steady, although i do feel impatient.
sigur rós - untitled six


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! Goodness me, you've got so much on, 'tis all very exciting, I'm sure you're going to do splendidly... From what I hear you're a very talented lady indeed! good luck with everything :)
p.s Do you mind if I create a link to your page from my blog?

a little place for little ramblings that need a little place to live. said...

hello! yes, a rather huge amount on in all honesty, theres more besides this list including pretending to be paparazzi for a night & getting paid more than it's worth (not complaining!)
thank you greatly though, a much appreciated comment at this slightly stressful time!
thats lovely of you to offer, i shall return the favour. (: