28 March 2008

masking take

last night was fourth year graphics design's fundraiser, "masked". good tunes, good chat, & good facial disguises. apparently i was a cross between the lone ranger, tonto, & silver (neck scarf, native american headwear, & silver). not my astute observation sadly.

good news on the ceramics front; kiln-usage has been confirmed! so that's a load of my back. after a stroke of genius from miss boon, i got in touch with my high school art teacher, & have the kind permission to use my old schools kiln two weeks from now. now i just have to sort everything else out...

hot hot heat - bandages


Hollie said...

What are you using the kiln for lady? There are kilns over in jewellery, sure you could have used them if you had trotted over :)

jen collins said...

noooo waaay! after discussing with people i was under the impression there were in no kilns in doj! it's for cups. i think i may just do it at my high school anyway, means i can go home for a night & see my old art teacher.