29 March 2008


i am ever-so-fond of saturdays (especially when i'm not working). even in this stress-filled degree show period, i don't seem to do much on saturdays (although that'll change in the next few weeks). a slight lie-in, getting lost online, staying in my pj's & copious amounts of tea. often cleaning is involved, but that'll be tomorrow's job.

so far today i've also ordered some business cards from my favourite printing company moo. i can't wait until they come in the post. after this i'm looking into buttons, & i'll need to be spending more pennies this week on other degree show goods. thank god for the last hardship fund installment on monday.

our class's website is looking brilliant with 99.9% thanks to ali hardy (o.1% effort on me saying "i think you might need to do blahblahblah there" *points at screen*). i can't wait to see it go live.

later on tonight i'm pretending to be paparazzi. more on that another day perhaps.

mirah - lift me up

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