21 April 2008

badge button pin

it's currently all go at school: fourteen days until hand-in! but (& i hope i don't jinx myself) things are going rather smoothly. boxes are 85% finished, tea bags are 100% finished, tea monsters are probably 75% finished, my cups actually worked & are complete, & other random bits & bobs are getting there too. everything will be okay. i'm very excited to see everyones work finished & hung, my friends in other classes ventures as well as those in my own. my mind isn't going to be stretching beyond the 5th of may until everything is complete.

the mountain goats - get lonely


Rob said...

The badges I like!
I shall have to be prompt on Degree Show opening night to snaffle one up:D

jenuine said...

i have two hundred (although some are packaged into fives) so you might be okay?! better hurry along anyway to get some free alcohol, haha.