12 April 2008


after a busy week of finalising separations & three days worth of printing (as in 9am - 7pm) it was jolly nice to have a relaxing night out involving live music, bubbles, uv paint, & colossal squid. i think i'm on schedule. it's a good feeling. next week involves making boxes, firing cups, postcards, & - fingers crossed - badges. today i've just been EXTREMELY lazy. as in waking up after 12, & being online all day. the only productive thing i've done is two loads of washing.

fanny moment of the day: on tuesday i felt close to tears all afternoon, so shoved some tissue up my sleeve to prepare (i didn't need it). today i washed said jumped, tissue & all. messy washing.

the distillers - city of angels


Rob said...

Nice neon heart.
Persepolis was very good. I enjoyed it a lot. It looked stunning. I did not read the graphic novel.
Reckon I could give Mark Kermode a run for his money?

I do have a blog but I really should post some creative stuff. I shall SOON!

Rob said...

P.s. Oh I thought I'd added a link for you on mine. I shall get on it.