11 May 2008

illustration 08

ta-da! here it is, the illustration 08 degree show website, with some images & explanations from all sixteen illustrators. i did the index page, while the student content - html, images, thumbnails - were the hard work of ali hardy. i'm rather happy with it, & am super proud of everyones hard work this year. with only five days until the big day, i half can't wait & am half dreading it. anyways, here's the link: http://imaging.dundee.ac.uk/illustration

on the subject of pride & school & such, those who were behind the fundraiser 'fancy pants' - animation, illustration & time based art - found out they were nominated for a prize from the dundee union students association for 'best student organised night' or something. & we won! such a random thing, but alan, cat, ali, jules, gemma & i graciously gave up our time for free drink, free food, & a dashing piece of broken window. hooray for mai!

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