13 May 2008


what an exciting little day. there's a buzz in class, with only three days until degree show, & the external assessor for illustration, andrzej klimowski, paying a visit. & on top of that, nicola in my class - after checking her e-mail - found out she's to be in the 2008 d&ad student awards book! so well done to her. i then checked my own e-mail a little while later... & so is my work! how exciting is that? i'm really happy about the news, even more so because i was really proud of my outcomes (two of which can be viewed here). also exciting is that - as far as i'm aware - nicola & i are the first illustration students from doj to appear in the book after about four years of entering. i loved alot of the entries from my classmates, so i'm glad that some of our work was recognised by d&ad.

oh, & tomorrow is results day for the mai department. i've got no idea what to expect. good luck all round.

band of horses - wicked gil

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