15 June 2008

hello gocco

today i made 110 gocco prints. what did you do?
even though i've had my little gocco since last monday, today was the first day i've had the chance to try it out. i made sure i had no plans all day, then sat down with the instructions & everything laid out in front of me. i'm aware there are many things that can go wrong, but it a went so smoothly! i chose a simple one colour print for my first try, a sort of self-promotional type thing. aside from a few broken lines the first few times, it went so well! so well in fact that i ran out of paper, & had to raid an old colourful notebook for more. i can't believe how long the ink lasted & that it didn't dry in the long pauses of cutting new paper - screen printing doesn't let you do that! i would like it more if i could make bigger prints, but for starting out the pg-5 will do fine. i can't wait to have another go.

another busy week ahead. exciting stuff! plus i'm not working for two & half weeks. amazing!

sufjan stevens - the henney buggy band


Lor said...

i love these prints. tres bon mon ami x x

jenuine said...

thank you lovely!