18 June 2008

hello badge-maker

i got my new badge-maker on monday. cure excitement & a quick churn out of some "hello" badges. as i've no fear of a mass influx of e-mails, if you'd like one, comment or e-mail me. there are four variations of a theme, have a peek.

i went to see the edinburgh illustration degree show on tuesday with alan & my friend loren. i preferred this years to last, with a couple of strong favourites being sophie elm & emily sutton. for the first, i can't resist tea-themed work, & the second, who can resist birds, let alone an illustrator? there's a huge incursion of bird-related work in design & illustration, but it never gets dull seeing it done well. on a negative, i always seem to feel let down by typography when i visit work by other courses; i feel critical, but when someone doesn't have a grasp of type placement & fonts etc, it really affects the whole piece. it makes me appreciate the specific tutors we had for more design-based things. it's not all across the board of course, but when it's there, it stands out for me. enough complaining anyway, i enjoyed the show on a whole, & am very glad i went.

so, tomorrow brings graduation! i'm somewhat excited, but am looking forward more to sunday & the following week by far! london & newblood & liverpool!

they might be giants - new york city


jennifer elizabeth said...

jennnn it's the other jen(ni) :] fi's friend!

how much was your badgemaker? (if you don't mind me asking!)

your wee badges are so cute :3

jenuine said...

hello there!

my badgemaker got a bit hefty in the end with customs charges, so between £250 & £300. quite a bit, but it's a graduation present, haha.

jennifer elizabeth said...

oaaft :o

I shall have to do something spectacular to impress my parents enough to want to buy me one haha.

or get a job :|