5 June 2008

other planets cannot be as beautiful as this one

a pretty screen-print by rob ryan. most famous for his 'paper cuts', i admire the man's patience & how precise he is! i was sad to read that he's opening a shop in london soon: sad because it's two days after i leave! but i guess this only entices a future visit.

a quiet yet productive day. some of the d&ad lot were in uni, so we organised our boards. mine is to be printed out tomorrow. i have so much to do before we leave still, i feel a list coming on. which is fine, because i do enjoy a good list.

i probably won't post for a couple of days as i'm going home for my mums birthday. i'm heading home a night early so that i can take a trip to edinburgh on friday; i haven't been since christmas eve & i'm looking forward to it! i'm going to pay the grassmarket a long overdue visit, fortunately friday is also payday. also on friday is my sisters college class exhibition. finding art wherever you go is exciting.

the faint - paranoiattack


Fe Louise Coull said...

Jen ou've been extra busy with all these posts!!
Have a fun time at home and in edinburgh :) mmm
Glad to see you share my love for mr.ryan. Did you say he was opening a shop in London? Where is it and I'll bring you back a souvenir? xx

jenuine said...

extra busy or extra spare time on my hands for posting? you decide!

yes, he is! according to his blog it is situated here: 126 Columbia Road, E2 7RG. his shop is called 'ryantown'. it opens on the 29th if i'm not mistaken. x