3 June 2008


today's been a lovely little day. it started off with saying goodbye to two more degree show pieces, green tea & cosy owl, as their owners came to claim them. i'm sure they're both off to good homes. after that, i started making the collage you see above. cutting paper is fiddly, i don't know how rob ryan does it! murano paper is actually quite good for cutting though, so the worst bits were the words & the tiny apples. the whole thing is about A5 in size.

afterwards, alan & i headed to the recycling centre for a scavenge. the bric-a-brac section is open on tuesdays & fridays, fun for a rummage. i picked up a scarf, piece of wood (which i shall now be painting on) & a vintage slide viewer. i have absolutely no need for a slide viewer - i have no slides - but it was too pretty to pass up & i love the colour; i think i'll manage to do something useful with it. besides, i got the lot for £3 thanks to the lovely lady i chatted to. one of the men that works in the furniture section was trying to coax me into buying a sewing machine. i'd love to, but i don't know if my neighbours would appreciate the noise.

alan & i had some tea & cake after that, then i went back into the studio to finish my collage. i've made yet another purchase now that i'm home: a gocco printer! it should be here in a week perhaps, probably around the same time as the badge maker. thats two new things to acquaint myself with before heading south.

nows it's time for a cup of tea before bed.

pavement - the hexx


Lor said...

i love this collage jen! tres bon! x x x

jenuine said...

thanks loren! didn't know you were about these parts!