4 July 2008


i'm finally back & settled at home. d&ad was an interesting experience, & i'm glad i went. the day of set-up was very nearly a disaster: paper & photo-mount do funny things. but calamity was averted, & the rest of the day went smoothly. tracey & i were to man the stand on the first night, the preview for those in the business, & it was interesting having a look at what sort of work other institutions were producing. apart from wandering & answering any queries, we got tipsy on unbelievably expensive wine, then met everyone else later at the pub.

on tuesday it was alan & i who were invigilating. an uneventful morning, as no-one really came to see the show until noon, which was when alan & i's shift finished. afterwards we had a look around the show: i don't even know if i got halfway through, there was so much to see. we also went to the victoria & albert museum to see the blood on paper exhibition. then later on, dinner at wagamama. i had the yummy saien soba dish. thinking about it makes me hungry.

on wednesday some of us went to the royal college graduate show. some of the work was great, & the production & finished pieces were so precise. i liked iro tsavalas books & illustration, & enjoyed seeing the work of ali hodgson, a duncan of jordanstone graduate. afterwards the new blood show had to be dismantled. i think i was glad: by the end of the three days it felt a bit too much like a popularity contest, with people being given marks for getting the most interest & jobs.

i also had a nosey to see which other entires had beat mine for the photography yellow pencil. i later found out the entry with a similar idea to mine won! i can't wait to see the book when it comes out. much congratulations to my friends jo & paul for clinching a yellow pencil!

now i'd better go get some food. it's back to work tonight: i haven't been in almost three weeks, so i imagine it'll be a bit of a shock to the system.

neutral milk hotel - two headed boy


Anonymous said...

I whole-heartedly deny that tipsy comment.

jenuine said...

you can try, but the "you've got some white coming through in your beard mick" comment will always have happened.