1 July 2008

london/liverpool polaroids

1. d&ad set-up
2. v&a gardens
3. wagamama toilets
4. stamford brook
5. alan is not a sap
6. three of seven
7. new brighton
8. liverpool 1


John Alan Birch said...

I'm glad you had a swell time :) Blogging was fun! i think i may be addicted like you now, I haven't had a chance to properly read over everything of your but I would much like to! Hope you had a swell time in glasgow. much of a hug for the choo.


jenuine said...

haha, i liked reading yours too. i hope you can keep it up whilst you're away maybe! x

Rob said...

Ah so thats why girls go to the toilet together. Mystery solved.
I forgive the lack of Lomo when you have a beautiful Polaroid:) Why does your sis have two action samplers? So she can take 8 pictures at once? Greed. I believe you should steal one then you can build a lomohome!

jenuine said...

haha, yes! it was a secret, but i seem to have divulged it. damn!
ah, that's fine then. but you will be lomo-ing it longer than i will have my instant picture, what a sad demise! i don't understand how polaroid made the decision to stop. godamn twenty-first century.
my sister has two because i bought her one for her birthday, then so did her best friend. unreal.

Inspector Marmalade said...

oh my god! you went to new brighton? I live in new brighton!! lol that is weird. thank you SO much for leaving me that message I saw your stuff at d&ad and loved it! I even have a hello badge bluetac'ed to my computer :) I was wearing it the whole time in london