11 July 2008

things what are good:
  • stir-fry with lots of veg
  • rich-tea biscuits dipped in tea
  • having a brilliant book to look forward to reading in bed
  • work hours passing fast rather than plodding along
  • texts from a boy even though he's oh-so-far-away
things what are not:
  • throwing away a pack of asparagus because i didn't get the chance to eat it
  • no motivation
  • being half-way through said book already!
  • work tomorrow at 9:15am
  • no company, rubbish!
james figurine - the worst thing


Sanna Dyker said...

I am there in spirit! I miss your face :( Asparagus is such a funny word :3 I am at work just now, i am mega super tired :( xxx

jenuine said...

boo, not enough! come back!