12 July 2008

a photo from earlier this year, of sanna & alex on the set of stewarts d&ad photoshoot. that sounds alot more glamourous than it was, haha.

i'm currently trying to sort through all the junk - amassed from the past few years of uni - that i've brought from my old desk to my new one. i've managed to throw away a carrier bag of rubbish so far... not alot, but things are becoming more organised.

most exciting thing to happen today: i was opening an easter egg that i'd been keeping for chocolate emergencies, when out popped a ten pound note! there are numerous things that are more exciting to find in an easter egg box than chocolate in my opinion (perhaps why it's lasted this long), & a ten pound note is one of them.

the go! team - feelgood by numbers


ladysnail said...

Hello Jen. thank you for stopping by my blog! i defo remember your work from d&ad-the lovely tea monster! i think your stand was just up from ours. i must get round to sorting through my postcards as well. just been so lazy since uni finished. by the sounds of it it seems like you finished alot earlier than we did! ive been reading through your blog and have noticed we both like similar things-goccos,robots,rob ryan and books! hope everything is going well with your illustration work and make sure you keeep drawing and creating! dx ps.i also have one of your hello badges! there are so nice.

Fe Louise Coull said...

What a cool photo, the lighting is lovely! x

Sanna Dyker said...

Ahaha what a nice wee photo :) I think she was trying to sort my line of vision :D xxx

jenuine said...

i think she was perhaps scratching our nose cause she thought you were so cute, haha.