18 August 2008


today alan, sanna, fi & daniel headed over to edinburgh to have a slice of fringe festivities & such. the main reason for going over was the robert hanson show that i've mentioned a couple of times. it was as lovely as i'd hoped it would be, each little piece had so much personality, & i wish i could've have bought one - especially one of the new york prints. instead i bought a bag with this printed on it, which was very much within my price-range at £5, hooray.

as well as analogue, we visited owl & lion, where we saw a couple of amazing little pop-up books by chisato tamabayashi. you can view them on her site under the titles "branches" & "queue", but if you can get to owl & lion to see them, definatly do! i snuck a photo of one, which felt a bit rude, but i couldn't resist as they were incredible.


Steph said...

Way! new bag! I remember you saying to me that you wanted a new one. I love looking at all the illustation stuff- always makes me feel happy!

John Alan Birch said...

I had a swell time in edinburgh and dunfermline with everyone! thank you for inviting me! nice new bag too :)


jenuine said...

steph - yes, although it's just a new tote bag, so i'm still on the hunt for the perfect bag. ;) illustration makes me happy too!

alan - glad you has a swell time, i did too. (: