16 August 2008

three days of invigilation gone, one to go. it was a quite day, & i was the only inviglator that was able to come in. but this gave me a chance to doodle, something i've not done for a while. it was all nonsense, but it's been so long since i've had the chance that i don't really mind! today was busier, & i spent most of the time chatting to the other two ladies who were on with me. i talked so much my throat hurts a bit. good to have a blether though.

i like being home, but a downside is that i have to use the family's silly laptop. my dad doesn't know the internet password, so my laptop is being neglected. pc laptops never seem to work well when they're a few years old.

tonight i shall retire early to bed, as tomorrow holds another day in leith, before coming back to share a yummy chinese with my family, plus sanna & alan who are coming to stay! then on monday we're heading over to edinburgh with my sister to see the robert hanson exhibition, as well as a couple of others hopefully. i'm excited!

daft punk - digital love

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