30 August 2008

gocco things

nigel peake uses gocco! i found this to be quite a splendid thing. have a little visit to his shop to view more exciting things.

another amazing gocco print, by susan estelle kwas (found via pikaland). it's a twelve colour venture, & it's rather beautiful. back to school goodies in lovely colors on lovely paper.

another gocco print i'd love to purchase, by wonting. those colours looks awesome together, & i love drawings of trees. all these lovely prints make me want to have another gocco session even more than i already do.

¡forward, russia! - don't reinvent what you don't understand


Anonymous said...

I got such a fright when I saw this, I thought you'd made all of these prints since your last post! I really should do stuff eh?x

jenuine said...

ha, i wish! they are prints that i'd rather like to own, & that have gotten my arse slightly more into gear. x

spilly said...

I love Nigel Peakes sheds, saw some of them in Analogue not long ago. Must get myself a gocco, just can't afford it at the mo! Very jealous

jenuine said...

they're lovely aren't they? my flatmate bought "sheds" recently, i have one of his older zines. he did a presentation to our department, he's a nice chap too, which is always nice to know when it comes to the people you admire.

goccos are brilliant, i'm going to have a session today!