1 September 2008

small happenings

happy september! small happenings leading to bigger happenings. happy days. this little house has been in my head for a couple of weeks, so i'm glad something has become of it at last.
yuck n' yum was a jolly affair. a nice nice evening spent catching up with friends & strangers. you can view the autumn issue here.

in other things, isn't this incredible? it deserves a good exploring.

sufjan stevens - the henney buggy band


Lizzy Stewart said...

nice house!
camerapedia looks dangerously interesting. i have a ridiculous camera fetish and this is only making it worse.

Fe Louise Coull said...

Can any old small person live in your little house? If so I would like to book for a place for one :) Looks delicious xx

jenuine said...

lizzy - thank you!
it does, doesn't it? i'm going to have a look to see what they say about all of mine.

fe - i would be happy to rent it out to you! it's a perfect place for one, with space to read & drink tea.